Should Your Brake Rotors Be Resurfaced or Replaced When Your Brakes Are Repaired?

If your mechanic advises you to replace your rotors, there are several good reasons for doing that. Many people believe that when your brakes are repaired, you do not need to replace your rotors because a quick resurfacing is all your rotors need. Depending on the condition of your used rotors, you might be able to get by with rotor resurfacing. With that said, rotors can only have up to 1–2 millimeters of metal removed. Depending on the condition of your used rotors and the depth of any grooves worn into their surface, your rotors may be too far gone to resurface. The good news is that the cost to replace your rotors will only add about $50.00 per wheel for brand new rotors.

When rotors are worn and then resurfaced, the metal that has been removed may compromise their performance and cause them to warp when they become hot during repeated braking. Warped rotors will cause your brake pedal to pulse when braking and you might also feel vibration or shaking in your steering wheel. Why compromise braking safety when you can have new affordable rotors installed during your next brake repair? New brake pads and new rotors will provide the greatest amount of driving safety and comfort. You are worth the added minimal expense to make sure that your vehicle can stop safely when you absolutely need to stop.

Driving safety is up to you. Make sure you observe all of the traffic rules and keep your vehicle properly maintained.

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