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Warning Signs & Sounds

Do you hear Squealing, Rubbing, and other High-Pitched Noises?

Any of the sounds listed above during braking probably means you’re dealing with worn out brake pads or shoes. Continuing to drive with worn out pads or shoes can lead to increased damage to your braking system. Driving safety begins with you so make sure to schedule a brake inspection and repair when any of the described noises occur.


Do you feel Vibration or Pulsing?

If you feel vibrations or a pulsing sensation when braking, that could mean your brake rotors are warped and/or damaged. Warped or damaged rotors need to be repaired in order to maintain your driving safety. Get a price quote and schedule a service appointment by calling (844-568-4737) as soon as you start feeling vibrations or pulsing.


Does your Brake Pedal have excessive travel?

When applying your brakes, if your peddle travels further than it should, you need to have your brakes inspected and repaired. Excessive travel can be caused by worn brake pads/shoes or your braking system hydraulics. Whatever is causing this issue needs to be inspected and repaired right away so you can enjoy safe driving. 


Does your vehicle pull to one side or wander when braking?

This condition can be caused by several factors including uneven front tire pressure, worn brake pads/shoes, or your brakes hydraulic system. Whatever is causing the condition needs to be inspected immediately. Call (844-568-4737) for a free phone consultation. If indicated, a service appointment can be scheduled during the call for a technician to conduct an on-site inspection and repair. 


Do you see a dashboard warning light telling you to check your brakes?

Pay attention to the warning signs your vehicle provides when it is in need of servicing or repair. A dashboard brake warning light or smart screen message might be indicating that your brake fluid is low or your brake pads are worn out. Inadequate brake fluid or worn pads will reduce your braking efficiency and make your vehicle less safe to drive. The # 1 safety feature of your vehicle is your braking system. 


When was the last time you had your brakes repaired?

If you have driven in excess of 36,000 miles since your last brake repair, your brakes might need immediate service. Also, driving in stop and go traffic and in hilly areas can cause excessive wear and tear on your brakes resulting in more frequent brake repairs. Do not ignore your brakes warning signs when it is time for your next brake repair. Call (844-568-4737) to get a price quote and schedule your service.


Manufacturer warranties do not cover worn brake pads or rotors. Not having your worn brakes serviced by a Auto Dealership does not void your vehicle warranty.